Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheryl + Nathan = lots of love...and lots of photos!

Last week I met Cheryl, Nathan , and of course London in Paulding to take engagement photos. Cheryl had the brilliant idea to take photos at the carnival on the square. The bright colors were the perfect backdrop for Cheryl photos - she is truly one of the most colorful people I know! The carnival didn't open until later in the afternoon, so we had the whole area to ourselves. Cheryl even asked one of the carnies if they could sit on the ferris wheel for a few photos. I was shooting double - using both my camera and Cheryl's (which I totally covet!) and I was so excited with how the photos turned out!

Cheryl and Nathan- thank you so much for letting me capture photos of your new little family. I can't wait for July 11th!

These next two are my absolute favorites of the day! We were so excited about the "No Single Riders" sign on the ferris wheel and had to use it in a few photos!!


cheryl said...

yay!!! love love love love love love love.
love. :D
thank you, my friend.

Deb said...

So creative and very cool!

Anonymous said...

These are great-- especially love the last one where London is swinging. MOM

Michelle said...

Neat idea...I bet there aren't too many other people with those type of engagement photos! You rock!!

Portraits by Nicole said...

Amy, great job, I love the bright colors!