Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Signs of summer.....

#1 ... wiffle ball games in the front yard

There are some things that just remind me of summer, and wiffle ball games in our front yard is definitely one of them. Sometimes it's just a regular game of wiffle ball....sometimes it's homerun derby...and other times it's just pitch and catch between Chris and Jacob. Whatever their game of choice is, our front yard gets turned into a baseball field every summer.

Sunday afternoon Cade, Gage, and Dane came over to play and later two more of Jacob's friends - Gavin and Davis - ended up coming over too. Of course they had to play wiffle ball. At one point in the game even Gavin's dad and Chris joined the game. The only downfall was that wiffle balls kept getting hit over the fence into our neighbor's pool as they were trying to swim (luckily they were good sports about it).

Jenna and Dane were not so much into the wiffle ball scene. They focused on babies instead - bring out 5 of Jenna's dolls , loading them into the wagon, taking turns pulling each other around the block, and then playing on the swingset.


aunt nancy said...

Ahh, summer I wish it would get here soon. Cute pix!

Jerry, Chantal & The Girl Gang said...

Poor Dane...I can see this picture being blown up poster size for his high school graduation. Tell Deb to keep it in mind! :) Just kidding....they are all so cute and the big boys look like they had fun too!

cheryl said...

oh my gosh! that photo of jenna and dane is PRICELESS!!! i agree with jerry and chantal (and amp and the girlgang???lol) need to save that and blow it up when he's older! LOL!