Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Signs of Summer #2.....

#2....sleeping in!!

Jenna has always been my early bird. Even when she was a baby she would stay up late and wake up early. I am quite the opposite - early to bed and then sleep in! This morning I actually had to wake her up so she could come with me to take photos. I don't know what was more surprising....the fact that she was still sleeping at 8:50am....or the fact that I was awake, dressed, and ready to go at 8:50am.


Michelle said...

Go Jenna! We are totally sleeper inners at our house!! I am always so proud if I am up and dressed by 9:00! :0)

aunt nancy said...

Finally, I get to work on my sleeping in skills. It always takes a while to get my inner clock into the summer schedule, but I'll try my best.