Monday, June 01, 2009

Dance recital ....

Jenna's dance recital was last weekend. She gets so excited for her dance recital each year. She loves being up on the stage and having the opportunity to show her family what she has learned all year. Great Grandma L, Uncle Tony, her BFF Savannah, and her 1st grade teacher all came to watch the rehearsal on Friday night and Grandpa/Grandma C, Grandpa/Grandma D, Becca, Debby, Dad, Jacob and I all came to watch her performance on Saturday. This was her 4th year in dance and her last year in the petite performance. She has really become quite a good little dancer and it was so fun to watch her perform. She really gets into it! This year she got to perform in 4 dances plus the finale. The bonus for us was that she was in the front row for 4 out of 5 of those dances.

I tried to get some decent photos of her performing, but dance recital photos continue to be the one type of photos I just can't seem to get down. The dark auditorium, funky stage lighting, and all the movement are all working against me - but I still managed to get several photos so you can see her in action.

Jazz - "Hard Knock Life (from Annie)"

Ballet - "How Do You Know"

Tap - "Labels or Love"
Finale "Move It"

Jenna and her good friend Kenzie

Jenna and Miss Kim

With all her flowers....A big THANK YOU to my cousin Alaina for sending surprise flowers for Jenna. She was so excited to get them!!!


Michelle said...

So cute...she is a good little dancer and I love that it is something that keeps the girls connected. Kenzie just adores Jenna (and so do we!).

Brenda said...

She looks awesome and seems to know all the moves...yeah Jenna! Will you have a video for us to watch?

aunt nancy said...

I wondered what the costume with the bandanna was. Those are all cute, and it looks like she really works the audience. Love the Labels of Love!

cheryl said...

she is so adorable. you can just see her personality shining in each of the pictures. i bet your eyes are just drawn to her when she's up there. :)
and mthe costumes are awesome!