Saturday, April 03, 2010

Suzuki Family {3.10}

During Spring Break I got to take photos of the Suzuki family. If you check my blog frequently, you probably remember Meah - her photo has appeared on my blog many times during the past 4 years. In November I got to meet her new baby brother Cohen and take photos of him as well.

They wanted an updated family photo now that they are a family of 4, so we loaded into their golf cart and headed to the main streets of Rockford to shoot some family photos.

Cohen is 4 months old, so it was time for some updated photos. It was a beautiful day so we headed outside for some photos. I love his rooster tail hair!

Meah is turning 4 very soon. We started with some photos in her bedroom...

...and then moved on to her swingset....

...and finished with some photos uptown. Meah has the cutest personality and I love that it shows up in her photos!


Deb said...

Great pictures! He is such a cutie and Meah is just adorable!!

aunt nancy said...

Adorable kids! I am jealous of C's long eyelashes.