Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jenna's Recital

Jenna's recital went well. She did a great job and was really excited about it. Afterwards we gave her 2 pink roses and she said "Is this because I did an excellent job?". She loved the pink flowers. The first photo below was taken in the dressing room before the recital. I just wished I would have noticed the grocery sack in the backgound. It wasn't actually sitting behind her...there was a mirror behind her and the grocery sack is reflecting from somewhere else in the room. Sometimes I forget that I have a digital camera, so I can look at the picture and change something if I need to before snapping again. I like the fact that you can see her reflection from the back though. The second picture is outside after the finale with her flowers.

Great Grandma Lehman, Aunt Connie, and mommy's cousins - Kelly and Alaina - surprised her by coming, too. Alaina also dances and really wanted to come watch Jenna's recital. She brought her a big bouquet of orange daisies.

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jkessinger said...

How sweet!