Friday, April 21, 2006


Van Wert is in the process of building a new middle school/high school complex. It is due to be completed by Thanksgiving 2006. Chris and I have had the opportunity to tour the new high school complex during construction on a couple different occasions. Every time we went, Jacob was bummed because he wasn't permitted to go along. This week every student in the Van Wert City school system was bussed to the new high school to "leave their mark" as a type of time capsule. We were all permitted to sign the concrete gym floor with permanent markers before the wood gym floor is installed. Jacob was so excited to go....probably more so than most students because the Van Wert High School gym is such a major part of our lives for 4-5 months every year during basketball season. I went with his class so I could see his face when he walked into the HUGE gym. He was amazed and had a million questions for me....Where will our reserved seats be? Where will the team sit? Where will Dad sit? Where is the Cat Pack section? Where will the baskets be? He proudly grabbed his permanent marker and "left his mark" on the gym floor - his name and graduation year. As we left, I was also able to point out our names on a pillar in the gym that Chris and I were able to sign when we toured the HS in October (it will eventually be covered as well...but I was glad it was still visible so Jacob could see). He was in awe of the size of the gym and the entire complex and can't wait to go to the opening basketball game in the new "Cougar's Den" in November.


jkessinger said...

Very Cool! I am sure one day he will be playing BB in the gym!

Anonymous said...

You have to keep this for his senior year book!!!
2016- man that's a long way away.