Friday, July 21, 2006


Meet Marcus....he is my nephew (Brenda's step-son). He is truly one of the best kids you will ever meet...he's just an all around good kid. He has been through a lot in his life, especially during the last year, but somehow he has managed to come through it all shining! Even though there is a 4 year age difference, he and Jacob get along so well when they are together. I'm sure Marcus thought he was going to get away with not having his photo taken by me...but we managed to sneak a few in on my last night there. We told him that it just wouldn't be right if there were only pictures of his sister's on the family photo wall. :) Look at those freckles - isn't he the cutest??


Cheryl said...

he is adorable! i love those freckles!! GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!! :)
miss you...:(

Nancy G. said...

You're right - he is a doll! I thought he was mature 2 years ago, & I'm sure he's even more so now. I hope we can see him again sometime soon.

Brenda said...

Love this tribute- i will have to show him when he wakes up- he slept til noon yesterday. Must be nice!
Glad to hear the response on the freckle pictures- Scott thought they were kind of goofy so I will sneak them in the scrapbook rather than putting them on the shelf!