Saturday, July 15, 2006


Okay...bear with me on these photos. I had been searching photography sites before our Texas trip and kept coming across the cutest photos of little girls wearing tutus. One of the sites even gave directions for making the of course I had to try it. I knew Jenna was getting the red boots, so I decided to make a red one for her to match her boots. Of course Carsyn needed a pink one (she LOVES everything pink and princess right now) and Payton needed a blue one to match her gorgeous blue eyes. So...Brenda and I picked the hottest and most humid morning of our entire visit to go to Scott's grandma's yard (which has beautiful landscaping and is the perfect photo location) to tackle the tutu photos. I was nervous because none of the girls were very cooperative due to the heat and humidity...but we still ended up getting some fun photos. I took a few more of Jenna at Brenda's when we got back and also took some of Payton with a "backdrop" (if you could call a sheet hung on her patio a backdrop - ha ha). And here are the tutu photos. I happen to love them...even if Chris thinks they're silly and just doesn't "get cowboy boots and a tutu".



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