Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mr. Baseball

Jacob absolutely LOVES baseball and was so disappointed when this year's season was over. They start the season in early May, so it is over by mid June. He would have been happy playing all summer! There was a tournament in Van Wert last weekend and he was asked to play on one of the "all star" teams. He was so excited to play again. Unfortunately they ended up losing all three games and did not get to play on Sunday. His team had fun and Jacob played really well. He is finally hitting the ball (although he still gets walked a lot) and had several good plays at second base. Here are some pictures from his tournament game. He loves the last one...he says it looks like a photo of a major league player.

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Nancy G. said...

Those pix bring back a lot of memories. Tell Jacob that I miss watching those games, & maybe I can get to one of his next year.