Tuesday, July 18, 2006

San Antonio

We took a side trip to San Antonio during our Texas trip - just a quick overnight get away. We took Marcus with us so he could spend some more time with Jacob. We stayed at the Emily Morgan hotel which was right next to the Alamo. It was the perfect location - we could walk or take a trolley everywhere we wanted to go. The hotel had a lot of character - it had been a hospital at one time. It even had a stainless steel pool that the kids swam in (it had been the therapy pool for the hospital). Our first stop was the Alamo. Jacob was fascinated by the whole story and the history.

Then we headed to the Riverwalk. It is such a neat place to walk around. If you've never been there, I highly recommend taking a trip there won't be disappointed. We ate ice cream on the steps while we listened to the band playing. They've been there (or a similar group) everytime I've visited and I love to sit and listen to them. I even had my parents buy me one of their CDs when they visited San Antonio over Christmas. Then we took the boat ride on the river - the kids loved that!

Later in the afternoon we took a trolley to El Mercado (Market Square) and looked through the shops that sold Mexican imports. Then we ate at Mi Tierra - a yummy mexican restaurant. The men in the picture were going table to table playing music. They asked if we'd like a song and we said yes...and then one of the men leaned down to Chris and said "It's $5...hope that's okay." The kids thought it was fun, so it was worth the $5. Later we went back to the Riverwalk and watched some Mexican folkdancers and listened to mariachi music.

The next morning we left to go back to Brenda's...but made a stop at the outlet mall in San Marcos first. WOW - I wish it would have been cooler and we had more time to spend there. It was truly the best outlet mall I've ever seen. I think we could have done some major damage there!

The photos from our trip are below. I couldn't get all the writing AND the photos in one entry.

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