Monday, July 31, 2006

Fancy Free and Five Years Old

Wouldn't it be great to be five years old again? It would definitely be much less stressful than being 35+!! I think five is a great age - old enough to be somewhat independent, yet young enough that you aren't TOO independent yet. Jenna turned five on July 2nd...and she is really good at being "fancy free" and "five". This was her outfit of choice the other day - a black tank top, lime green shorts, a hot pink tutu, and pink flip flops...she picked it out herself. She played house with her dolls in her playhouse on the patio and I couldn't resist taking photos to try to capture her just being five.


Jessica said...

So, you're saying that people laugh when I wear my lime green shorts and hot pink tutu???? Really????

cheryl said...

AWWW!!! i miss you guys! :(

~Lori said...

Where's my Tuesday night blog fix?! Hurry up and post a dang photo already!!!