Monday, February 05, 2007

BRRRRRRRRRRR is way too cold outside! I just checked and it's 2 degrees with a windchill of -20. That's crazy cold! We even cancelled school today because it was so cold (Nancy...did you get a day off???). It's supposed to be the same tomorrow, so we'll see what happens with school. I have been totally and completely lazy today. I think I'm just to cold to have any motivation. Remember that long list from last week's snow day??? Well, no list like that today! I did manage to clean the bathroom, watch a movie (Little Miss Sunshine - strange, strange movie), and play on the computer. I also worked on some photos for my photography class.

While I was playing on the computer I discovered this:

Where have I been for the past 5 days??? Harry has a new CD out and I didn't know?!? Definitely going to have to do some downloading...I love Harry!



Nancy said...

Yes, I did, thank you, and I even got the call last night around 5:30. We'll see about tomorrow. All I accomplished was washing some warm sweaters and a little cooking, which is unusual for me. We were hoping to talk to Jessica. She emailed that she'd call, but she's been having computer/internet probs. We just have to have faith that that's what the prob. is, or it will drive us nuts. I can't imagine how people with loved ones in a war zone maintain. Faith, family, and friends, I guess. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

With all my friends who had husbands in Iraq this past year, I understand your thoughts on waiting for a call! My friends would go nuts when they didn't hear from husbands, and I felt they had every reason to. I'm sure she's doing great. Is it colder in Ohio than Poland? No matter how cold you all were today, I'd rather be home and freezing than at work and warm! Jill