Saturday, February 03, 2007

Coach Covey

My neighbor asked me to take some photos of her son, Bret, at the basketball game last night. She really wanted a photo of him as they announced the players...and to do that I had to go to the opposite side of the gym before the game, which meant I was right behind VW's bench. As the guys were warming up, I snapped this photo of Chris. He had no idea I took this, but I love how it turned out!


Dad C said...

Great photo Amy!.

Chris is a teacher and encourager and this photo catches that image.

Dad C.

~Lori said...

You can really see the concentration on his face! Great shot!

Nancy said...

Sudsy keeps me informed on how the VW varsity is doing. How's coach C's team? By the way, I'm thinking we should all get "It's too cold to go to school" days this week. Let me know.