Monday, April 21, 2008

Just when you think it's safe....

After the unusual amount of school delays and cancellations we had this past winter, we were so thankful when spring weather finally arrived so we didn't have to worry about any more cancellations. But...we forgot about the FOG! This morning we woke up to heavy fog, which resulted in a 2 hour delay....which turned into a 3 hour delay with extended day....which turned into a CANCELLATION!!! I will admit that usually I am excited about cancellation days....but not this time. This was cancellation #1o!!! for this year, which means we now go to school until June 4th. June 4th happens to be Jacob's birthday. He's never gone to school on his birthday, and was not too excited when he found out that he would be going to school this year!

The good news is that it is supposed to be a gorgeous day - sunny and 74 degrees....a little different than our usual cancellation days.


Jill said...

Can't feel too bad for you yet, because we're in school through the 5th this year! I'm home today too, but not due to fog. I've been sick all weekend and decided to go in to the dr today - found out I have strep and mono. Not a good way to be spending the week before the math TAKS test!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it. This has to be it since you already have your NY trip planned and cannot go to much later into June. Hope you put the day to good use. MOM

~Lori said... least it was a great day to stay home.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your school year keeps extending :( I am happy to say that our last day will be May 29th; however, I am scheduled for kdg screening on Aug. 12 and then start the new year on Aug. 15th.
Needless to say, I did NOT vote for this calendar choice. Maybe I will come home for a quick dip in the pool during my lunch breaks:)My
100+ year old building doesn't have AC. Aunt Barb

aunt nancy said...

It's Fri. now, but I'll retype my entry because I forgot to add the secret code when I did this a few days ago. We go until June 5th, but we didn't start until 8/27 or so. I hate to mention it, but it's supposed to get cold and there's talk of the s word next week. Go ahead and make those NY reservations so they can't make you work any longer! We're watching the Yankees play right now, but Go Tribe!