Thursday, April 10, 2008

A test from Miss Jenna....

Jenna LOVES to write. In fact, I think she has used so many materials from the "writing center" in her classroom that I think we're going to have to replenish it at the end of the year. She is constantly bringing home notes, lists, and stories she writes. Today she brought home a test she had written for Chris and I to take. Here is what she wrote - I copied it right from her paper and kept her spelling. You can definitely tell that they have been working on the "ou" and "kn" sound!

Houw wus yor day
good or knot

houw wus lunch
good or knot

we lrnd about miss y*

dus are last name end with y
yes or no

*Miss Y is one of the letter people.


aunt nancy said...

I love it, and that's very good! Please share this with Jenna:
My day was good.
Lunch was good but only a boring salad.
Does Miss Y say many sounds?
My last name does not end with y, but my first name does.
PLEASE come to school in Sandusky!

Jill said...

I was just talking to some K teachers the other day about letter people. Noone here knew what I was talking about!!! I miss them... Way to go Jenna!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful test and I give it an A+ because it was one of the easiest I have had to take lately. My day was good, lunch was "knot much" (only ate a few crackers and cheese spread) but dinner was good. None of my names ends in a "y". MOM/Grandma
PS the word verification for this entry starts and ends in "y"!!!