Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ten on tuesday....

1. I am loving the spring weather that FINALLY arrived. We spent most of the weekend outside and Chris brought up our patio furniture and hung up our porch swing. We even made our first trip to the "rootbeer stand" for dinner - coney dogs with cheese, onion rings and rootbeer!

2. Baseball season is here! They had their first official practice last night, which means games are right around the corner. Several of you asked me to send you Jacob's game schedule so you can come watch him play...I'll be sure to get them sent out as soon as I have one!

3. My new mattress doesn't like me. We spent some tax refund money on new mattress and box springs for our bed. We went with a firm mattress since Chris has had back issues in the past. Chris loves it....and so did I for the first week or so....until my upper back started hurting like crazy when I try to sleep on the mattress. Last night at 3am - after lots of tossing try to find a position that didn't hurt my back - I just gave up and went to the couch. I'm hoping this doesn't last too much longer.

4. I used my aching back as a reason to schedule a massage on Friday after school. Can't wait!!!

5. Jenna had dance pictures last night. Every year I come home from dance picture night feeling so thankful that I choose to be a laid back, low key dance mom. I am also thankful that my daughter is THRILLED to be wearing clear lip gloss as her only make up for dance pictures. Enough said.

6. I am officially done with Physical therapy. I feel like I could have gone forever, just because I want to continue to feel good. The PT wants me to continue exercises at home. In addition my PT/doctor are ordering a home cervical traction machine for me since that helped so much. I still feel pretty good, but not as good as when I was going to PT.

7. The one thing that still bothers me and gives me a headache is prolonged computer use - especially if I am scrolling down the screen. I have to limit my computer time to short sessions - which probably isn't such a bad thing. :)

8. It's almost "crazy season" for me (translated: IEP time). I never have understood why they insist on torturing me by making me do IEPs during the nice weather. Why can't I do them in the cold, dreary winter??

9. I have 2 photo sessions scheduled for next week - a 2 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. I'm searching for the perfect location and hoping for some blooming spring flowers!

10. The Hills is back on. Is anyone else watching it with me???


aunt nancy said...

Spring flowers would be a nice background, but maybe you should just hope it doesn't snow. Good luck getting used to the mattress. Maybe you need n adjustable bed!

Jill said...

I'm with you on the hills, and i love that there are 2 shows a night!! I feel like lauren is making getting a bit crazy about heidi - making some demands on who her friends can talk to (audrina). Spencer - still a loser, and even his sister sees it now! I think he and his sister look so much alike -but she's cute, and he's not! Why is that?? Finally, I think Heidi looked so much cuter when she was dressed all "snow bunny" at her parents' house than in her little clothes. And I love her stepdad... he can't stand spencer! Time to stop...

Lori said...

yes to the hills. Why is Heidi so plastic this season? She used to be cute, now she's all collagened and implanted and lifted and botoxed. She looks like crap.
Anyone seen her oh-so-fabulous music video?!
Ick. I think she and Spencer belong together.

Brenda said...

see my blog....too much to comment...i'll just do my own!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm ... IEPS! I just finished #61 for the year and I'm looking at 22 more before mid May. At least they are scheduled in monthly installments, so I don't go totally batty just before pool season:)
How about a sleep number bed? Aunt Barb