Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm a little (okay...a lot) late blogging these, but I wanted to be sure I shared them! My Grandma D. turned 94 in October and our family (minus a a few who couldn't be there) got together at my parents' house to help her celebrate.

LOVE these photos of her with her cake!!


Jill said...

yet another event I missed... Love the photos. She doesn't look or act 94!! Can't wait to see her soon. If you can Amy, can you print me a photo of her or send me one?

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma looks great !!!! I hope I look that good if and when I am 94 !!!!!! She reminds me of Aunt Betty----sparkly and spry !!!!

Aunt Celesta

aunt nancy said...

Those are all great! Glad you haven't given up sharing. Looks like you might have lots of extra time in the next 2 days.