Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some updates from our house....

  • As you can tell from the previous posts, I had a rush of photography sessions in November and December. I loved being busy taking photos and editting! I am almost caught up on posting peeks of each of those sessions here on my blog. I still have a few more to go - 2 senior sessions and a wedding - and then I will be caught up with photography sessions.
  • It has been forever since I posted any personal photos. I have lots of Christmas photos to share, too. So keep checking back here!
  • Jacob is slowly recovering from his broken ankle. Today he went back to the orthopedic dr for another appointment. He got his cast off again, got xrays taken again, and got another cast put on (this is cast #4 counting the temporary one the ER put on). The good news is that this one is a walking cast! Starting today he can slowly start to put some pressure on his cast and start walking on it with the help of crutches. YAY! Next week he goes back to have that cast taken off, more xrays taken, and hopefully get a boot instead of another cast. He still has a long way to go....but the healing has started!
  • Our Christmas was great! We didn't have to travel far this year, which meant we got lots of time at home to just relax. I are coming!
  • It's always so hard to get back into a routine again after Christmas break. There was lots of laying around (using my new snuggie. LOVE it), sleeping in, staying up late, and basically having no schedule. Hopefully a few 2 hour delays for snow here and there will help pass the time until Spring Break.
  • Since going back to school, our schedule has been full of basektball practices and games, dance classes, and gymnastics. It's no wonder I'm always ready to go to bed so early each night!
  • My new favorite spot for the cold nights is wrapped in my zebra print snuggie sitting in front of the fireplace. Heaven!! In fact....I'm headed there right now!!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear Jacob's good news...I bet he was so excited! Chuck's mom bought all of the grandkids snuggies this year too...they love them...and when they aren't using them, I love to snuggle in them! :)

Brenda said...

Will we get to see a photo of you in your snuggie in front of your fire?

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the healing ankle!

Aunt Barb