Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leslie | Senior

Leslie already had one session of her senior pictures done this fall, but she asked me to do some photos to showcase her sports and her love of Superman! We met up during Christmas break at a photographer friend's studio and then later went to a funky location I recently discovered to do a few more pictures.

Studio photography is not something I usually offer. I am an on-location, natural light photographer. But occasionally I have someone ask for studio photos and am very fortunate to have great photographer friends who let me rent their studio for the session!

And a little different feel in a fun new location!

I really am so excited I found this spot!! It's on the third floor of one of the buildings in town and has some really great details - brick walls, old fixtures, great windows with lots of light, and peeling paint on the walls. I really would love to do anotherphoto session here with kind of a funky, urban feel to it. Any volunteers???


Deb said...

Very cool! What a pretty girl!

Jill said...

I volunteer!