Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas for us was very laid back this year. We were not able to get together with all of my family at once. My parents came to visit before Christmas on their way to Texas. Unfortunatley, I have no pictures of that - probably because we opened gifts at 10:30 at night and were all a little bit tired! Christmas Eve was a little different for us this year. We began going to a new church this past year and absolutely love it. They do not have the traditional Christmas Eve service though. We decided to come up with our own little tradition though - dinner together, followed by some devotion/scripture time as a family, and then movie time together. It was so nice to just spend time together as a family.

Christmas morning was spent with just the four of us - unwrapping gifts from Santa and each other.

Apparently Ernie had an accident similar to Jacob's....we found him with a cast on and his leg propped on a pillow a few days before Christmas. :)

Traditional Christmas morning picture...

Jenna's biggest request from Santa this year was a pink digital camera....

Jenna knitted all of us scarves for Christmas (with a little help from Grandma C.).... Jacob's biggest request this year were Xbox games and an airsoft gun...

Since we didn't have to be anywhere until early afternoon, we were able to spend lots of time relaxing and playing with our gifts!
Jenna got this book from Scott, Brenda, Marcus, Carsyna and Payton and absolutely LOVES it!

Family photo....not sure why I had us pose in front of the can't even see it! HA!


Brenda said...

Carsyn got that book for her birthday and loves reading it...we have learned so much!

Anonymous said...

Family Christmas picture in front of the tree is a "must", even when you can no longer see the tree. Mom