Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another great quote....

Jenna just came in as I was catching up on blogs and email and proceeded to provide this insightful quote:

"Mommy, I'm not gonna burp or toot any more because I'm gonna be a lady now."

I may just have to add it to my quote collection.

photos taken Monday night...that's why she has the "O" tatoo on her cheek


~Lori said...

Yes, tell her that burping and tooting are not allowed in my house.
And someone please tell Joe, too.

Jill said...

Hmm... the quote I got tonight was "mommy, i just farted big in your bed!" guess luke's not worried about being a man!

Nancy said...

Sounds like Luke's right on the path to manhood! Does Jenna's other cheek have a "No!" tatoo?

Brenda said...

Guess Jenna's not wearing that tatoo anymore, huh?
Carsyn best moment is when she had to come to my first period class one day while she was sick. She was sitting at my desk in front of 18 freshmen, sneezed and farted. She laughed and said "mommy, i just sneezed and farted at the same time!"
She'll never be a lady. Glad Jenna can be one!

cari said...

How adorable is this!!! So cute.