Monday, January 15, 2007

Scrapping Cousins

Jenna and I went to Urbana on Saturday for our annual cousins scrapbook get together. We all met at Lori's and uloaded all our stuff (and boy do we have a lot of STUFF!). Kara, Lori, Lisa, Deb and I scrapped until 2:00am and finally crashed. Of course we woke up Sunday morning and started right back at it until we quit around 3:00pm. We had a great time scrapping, eating, and just hanging out. Jenna ended up leaving after supper and spending the night at Tom and Barb's with Rylee (THANKS!!) .

The photo was taken by Joe late Saturday our pjs....on the bird couch at Lori's (even Cissy made it in the photo). It's a lovely photo - isn't it?!?! And I had to include a photo of our creativity in process!

THANKS for the great time girls....can't wait to do it again!!


Nancy said...

Looks like you had fun! Remember: when you run out of photos, come see me. I see Lisa has her Christmas pj's on. Glad they fit!

Jill said...

wow, joe really captured you all at your best! :)

Brenda said...

so jealous...i wanna be a scrappin cousin! i had to scrap all alone in an ice storm!