Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I love snow days...

One of the reasons I love snow days is because I get so much done. I look at it as having a bonus day to get things done that I normally would not.

Yesterday was a good bonus day. I......

-slept in
-put chili in the crock pot for supper
-called the tax man and made an appointment to have our taxes done
-updated my photo of the day
-looked at all the other photo of the day blogs and left comments
-took photos of Jenna in the snow (real was freezing)
-read this week's lesson for my photography class
-took more photos of Jenna inside to practice for this week's lesson
-walked with Jenna to Chris' parents to help his mom pick out paint colors and carpet
-caught up on all the other blogs I visit
-watched "Devil Wears Prada"...which made me wish I had stylish clothes and high heel shoes...and got me excited about our trip to NYC in March
-drank hot chocolate
-folded laundry left over from the weekend
-paid bills
-got caught up on some emails
-put laundry away
-added wedding photos (from the wedding I took photos at in June) to my photo gallery on line
-watched "Three Amigos" with Chris, Jacob, and Jenna
-ate chili
-returned a call to a potential photo "client" and gave her my gallery website address to check out wedding photos
-watched "American Idol"
-went to bed :)

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Sounds like a good day. I'm jealous. I have a photo idea, after driving my pretty car in this weather. It could show good contrast!! How about a pix of the filthy cars in the school parking lot (or a mall etc.)against the white mounds of snow? It caught my eye. Maybe that's just because I was in a funk because we didn't get a snow day.