Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Update

I haven't had much time or energy to update I thought I'd post a random update on life around our house.

  • We FINALLY got a 2 hour delay on Monday for snow. YAHOO! It was a nice way to start the week.
  • School has been crazy busy! I have a student teacher in my classroom for 8 weeks. She started last week and is a great fit in my classroom. I love having her in my room....but so far it's been a lot of work. I'm really enjoying it though.
  • Jacob got his report card for the 2nd nine weeks - all A's. He even got an "H" (high) in gym...I'm sure he gets that from me. :) His new ZPD (reading level) is 5.2-7.2 (that's grade levels). WOW!!!
  • I went to a piano concert in Van Wert on Monday with Becca and Chris' parents. The pianist was named Alpin Hong and he was amazing!! It made me wish (just for a moment) that I had taken Mrs. Glauser a little more seriously. :)
  • I am having so much fun with my "photo a day" challenge I'm participating in. I originally planned to try to take a photo a week, but so far I've been taking 3-5 photos each week. Each week is a different theme. So far we've done getting to know you, your hometown, and water. It's been fun trying to think of different photos to take and looking at things differently. You can see the photos here if you're interested.
  • I started a new photography class (on line) this week. It's called "Photographing the Everyday". I'm really excited to see what I learn!
  • Van Wert basketball is having a great season. Our varsity team is undefeated and the JV (Chris' team) is 10-2. GO COUGARS!!
  • We will be in NYC in less than 2 months with the journalism students. I am so excited to go....especially since I am finally going to see WICKED!! Can't wait!!
  • I'm excited that some of my shows are back on....Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, I was flipping channels this weekend I noticed that The Hills has new episodes. Brenda or Lori....are you watching?


Jill said...

I called Brenda last week to make sure she knew Hills was on! I wasn't sure if you were a fan along with us or not!

Amy said...

I missed the first episode...what happened to Lauren and Jason? The first season ended with them moving in together.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm watching The Hills!! Yeah, big suprise, Lauren and Jason broke up over the summer. Her vogue editor said "'ll always be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris. So, you spent the summer with your boyfriend. How'd that work out for you?"
I love it!

Brenda said...

i can't believe you're going to see wicked...i am so jealous! i want to go in houston but don't have anyone to go with...jill will be too close to baby time.
of course i watched hills. lauren dumped jason because all she ever did was cry...he made her miserable. how bout that "spencer". what a fake idiot!
that was sooooo funny when her editor said that! i am carefully watching her for new friends.