Friday, March 07, 2008


Jenna has really started to love reading! She has always liked looking at books, but she loves trying to read all the words now. This week her class has been reading Dr Seuss books, so she pulled out her Dr Seuss books at home too. This is how I found her on Wednesday when we were home from school for snow. After she heard my camera click, she turned to me and said "Dr Seuss worked really hard on his books." Yes, he did!


Brenda said...

Dr. Seuss did work really hard incorporating all of those life lessons with fun art and poetic figurative language...can you tell what my students are studying in class now? I always use Dr. Seuss as an example in poetry!!! She looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I was in three classes this week and two of them were doing Dr. Seuss (the third is an intensive class.) We even made green eggs and ham and as the kids were stirring the eggs I taught them the "stirringin the bowl" song. It just came out, but the teacher loved it. MOM

aunt nancy said...

I love those pictures. If that was me reading, the next shot would be of me sleeping.