Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break randomness

YEA....SPRING BREAK IS HERE! Today I'm having a hard time calling it "spring" break considering we woke up to snow flakes falling! Luckily we only got a dusting of snow, and now that the sun is out it is melting away. Unfortunately, snowflakes mean cold temperatures!

Yesterday, after PT we had our first official spring break adventure. We all piled into the van and headed down I75 to the brand new IKEA! Note to time wait a little longer than a week after opening day to venture to a new store! It was crazy crowded. They even had big highway construction type signs directing you to alternate parking for Ikea. Considering how big the Ikea parking lot is, that made me pretty nervous. We did manage to find a spot in the far corner of the lot and made our way into Ikea with a couple thousand other visitors. Seriously, it was like walking into Cedar Point or something! Once we got into the store it really wasn't too bad. Thank goodness the store is HUGE and all those people could spread out. We had a lot of fun just looking around...I think Chris even enjoyed it. I only bought a few things - new canisters for our kitchen, a new organizer for my desktop, some jars for my scrapbook supplies, and a photo frame - but it was fun just to go exploring. On the way home we stopped to buy Jacob some new baseball cleats and then got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.

Today we have been cleaning like crazy! We had new mattresses delivered for Jacob's bed (his new furniture arrived on Thurs. - photos to come) and our bed this afternoon. I also was on a cooking/baking binge - dinner for tonite, breakfast for tomorrow, grasshopper cake for the Lehman Easter get together tomorrow (it looks amazing - can't wait to try a piece), and cut up veggies for the Covey Easter get together tomorrow evening. I just finised getting Easter basket goodies ready for the kids' baskets tomorrow. Dad, Mom, and Grandma D. are on their way to our house on their return trip from Texas. They'll stay with us tonite and go to church with us in the morning.

Tomorrow we have 2 Easter get togethers. I feel fat just thinking about all the food! It's always fun to get together though.

Monday morning we leave for Kalahari. We can't wait! I'm sure I'll have lots of photos to share when I return.


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