Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kalahari - part 1

We spent Monday and Tuesday at Kalahari in Sandusky with our friends, the Chiles' and their 3 boys. Kalahari is a HUGE indoor waterpark and resort....and a very fun place!! On Monday, Deb and I stayed with the younger kids while Chris and Mike took the two older boys and went on the bigger slides. Tuesday morning we were able to switch for a little while so Deb and I could spend some time on the bigger attractions. Our suite was amazing, so when we weren't in the water we spent a lot of time there eating and hanging out together. The hotel also had a huge arcade and indoor play area, so we made sure we spent some there, too. The kids all got along great and had a lot of fun together. Of course the grown ups had their share of fun too (we just didn't manage to make it into too many photos!).

Jenna and Dane in the van on the way to Kalahari....

The view from the back of the waterpark. It's really hard to tell from this photo just how HUGE it really was.
Jacob and Cade trying to shoot me with water....
The wave pool....if you look closely you can see Chris, Jenna, and Dane next to the black arrow.Jacob and Cade in the wave pool.... The kids in the lobby...Jacob had a slight accident with the rhino's horn (and yes...they are in the pj's. We decided to go explore the hotel after they were already in their pj's).
Check back....I have more Kalahari photos to share!!


Jill said...

I looked up the one in Grapevine, and it says there's one in Sandusky... same thing, or are there 2 water parks near there? It's called Great Wolf Lodge. Looks like tons of fun. Is Jacob healing from his rhino stabbing??? Looks painful. And did Jenna make it to Peony practice and parade??

Amy said...

Sandusky has 3 indoor waterparks - Kalahari, Great Wolf, and Castaway Bay. Great Wolf Lodge is supposed to be fun too - just not quite as big.

And yes, Jenna made it to Peony practice and the pageant (not the's in June). I took lots of photos and I'll share them tomorrow!