Saturday, March 08, 2008


It just doesn't stop! Last night we came out of the PAC after seeing Cirque Le Masque (which was EXCELLENT....similar to Cirque de Soleil...right here in Van Wert) and were hit with the sight of snow blowing all over the place! This morning...more snow, more blowing, and cold, cold temperatures. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

The good news is that for once it hit on a weekend, so we didn't have to use another snow day. It's the perfect day to stay home ! I'm trying to get some things done around the house this morning, and then Jacob and I are going to tackle his bedroom to get it re-organized in anticipation of his furniture delivery. Then I'm going to spend the rest of the day either scrapping, reading, or being sucked into Lifetime movies on TV.

The bad news is that Chris and Jacob had to cancel their trip to Cleveland today. Chris, Jacob, Ryan, and Ryan's cousin had courtside tickets for a Cavs game today. They decided it was best if they didn't go since everywhere between here and Cleveland is under either a winter storm warning or a blizzard warning!

Just a few photos of our latest snow. I refused to actually go outside, so I opened my doors and took photos from there! :)


Cyriac said...

Wow... lovely pictures. And really, an excellent blog.

John & Lisa said...

For once I think we got the same snow as you did. As of early this morning, the news had us at 9.5 inches. Nationwide actually sent everyone home at 2 yesterday and (on what should normally be a 20-30 min drive home) I didn't get home until 4:00...yuck.

Amy said...

WOw...a blog comment from Lisa. I heard Columbus was getting hit pretty hard. It finally stopped snowing here about 15 minutes ago...hopefully for good.

AND...a comment from Cyriac. Ummm....who on earth is Cyriac??? Anyone know? At least he was complimentary and left his photo.

Cyriac said...

:) We don't know each other. I just bumped into your blog by clicking "Next Blog" on the top of my blog. Your blog has one of those buttons too. It's an interesting way to randomly browse through a buhjillion people talking to the whole world.

I guess this reminds you that, even though you have a family website here, it is on the internet!

P.S. This commenting thingie sends me an email when someone posts a follow up comment. That's how I knew that you responded. Again, welcome to the internet! :D

Vickie said...

Amy- I am sorry that Chris didn't get to go to the game. It is really bad here. We did get alot of snow! I hope you are feeling better. Your dad told me at church a couple of weeks ago about all the problems you have been having with dizziness.

Jill said...

Well, what an unusual set of bloggers responding! I may just have to go check out cyriac's blog! I will post our snow photo. Yes, we had snow Friday morning! Now, all of you northerners, don't laugh when you see it, as I'm sure it doesn't even qualify as snow to you all with what you've been putting up with. But for central TX, if it's white and on the ground, we call it snow!

aunt nancy said...

Ok, here goes my 3rd try at commenting. Maybe I wrote too much and timed out?? Anyhow, sorry the guys couldn't get to Cle. I'm sure they were disappointed, and it was a good game, too. We switched over to the Indians in FL just to see sunshine. We talked to Jessica yesterday and showed her the blowing snow. Can't believe she wants that in Poland. Love the pix, especially the pirate flag on the swing set. Come on, spring!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I knew how to post pictures because I have taken a few in the last two days. We have 1-2 feet drifts and the "drifts?" hanging over the edge of the roof are really neat (that is until they drop on us).At least dad is getting good mileage out of the new snowblower.So bad here churches were cancelled. ENOUGH!! MOM

Cheryl said...

haha! i hate snow too. this winter is starting to get on my very last nerve! i'm ready for summer!
awesome pictures, though!
p.s. i tagged you on my blog! :)