Thursday, June 12, 2008


I still can't believe Jacob turned ELEVEN last week....that just sounds too old. He celebrated his birthday by going to school for the last day. It was the first time he's ever gone to school on his birthday, thanks to lots and lots of cancellations this year. Later that evening he had 3 friends come over. Chris took them to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and then they came back here for snacks, Guitar Hero, and a sleepover. The next day we had birthday pizza lunch with Grandpa and Grandma Covey and Uncle Ryan & Aunt Becca (with his busy schedule, the only time he could squeeze in a birthday celebration with his family was a quick lunch!). He decided he didn't want a cake this year and picked waffle bowl sundaes instead. Yummy!

With his birthday gift from iPod shuffle.

Two of his "loves" at eleven.....his new iPod and legos (Thanks Marc, Jill, Luke, and Mia!)Birthday waffle bowl sundaes - YUMMY!The boys....Nick, Cade, Jon, and Jacob

PS NYC photos are coming...I promise! I am still working through them. I filled two cards with photos!


aunt nancy said...

11? Yikes!! That's a reality check. He is too cute! I'm glad you posted these. I thought maybe you weren't feeling well as I kept checking for these and NYC pix. Sounds like just busy, I hope.

Brenda said...

happy belated birthday!!! did both of your boys get our birthday cards/gift?

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! While I do agree with my mom that he is too cute, I'm going to say he's "handome" now that he's the big 11 =)

Amy said...

yes...they both got their cards/gifts. In fact, Jacob went to WalMart today, bought the Indiana Jones game, and is playing it right now. :)

Jill said...

I can't get over the fact that he's that old either! And that group of 4 boys looks like trouble!

Anonymous said...

11! Where did your "little" boy go? only 2 more years 'til teenhood :) Enjoy it all!
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday, Jacob!!!! After all, won`t your birthday last all year until your next one!!! I think number 11 is the first we have missed being with you. Thought of the great vacation trip you were on and knew you would be having a wonderful time! Anxious to hear about it from you and your sis!
Love you! Aunt Celesta & Uncle Bob