Thursday, June 12, 2008

NYC - Day 1

We arrived in NYC on Friday afternoon and took a cab from LaGuardia to our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Mela on W 44th St. - which was just a block from Times Square. After we got checked in and settled, we were off! We walked to Rockefellar Center and then headed to 5th Avenue to the American Girl store. We peeked in St Patricks Cathedral and the Apple store and then went towards Central Park. One of Chris' former students - Kari - lives in NYC, so she met us at Central Park after work and walked through the park with us. (Kari was Jacob's first "love" and was definitely one of our favorite WT students.) Central Park is one of my favorite places in NYC. I could spend a whole day in Central Park just people watching and taking photos. Jacob and Jenna wanted to see the fountain from "Enchanted", so Kari took us there. Chris and I had never been to that part of Central Park, and it quickly became one of my favorite NYC spots. We sat near the fountain and talked with Kari while the kids watched turtles in the pond. Later Kari walked us back to Times Square before she headed her own way. We ate dinner at "Ellen's Stardust Diner" - a fun 50s themed diner with singing waiters/waitresses. They are all aspiring Broadway actors and sang lots of fun Broadway tunes. After dinner we walked around Times Square before heading back to the hotel.

L to R: photo by Jacob . . . Loeb Boathouse in Central Park . . . with Kari in Central Park. . .watching turtles in Central Park . . . Bethesda Fountain . . . my dream job - a wedding photographer taking photos in Central Park!
L to R: Times Square . . .Rockefeller Center . . .St Thomas Church on 5th Avenue. . .Rockefeller Center . . . Central Park . . . Times Square

L to R: The Mall in Central Park (LOVED this!) . . . Bethesda Fountain . . . Derek Jeter - larger than life in Times Square . . . with Kari in Central Park


Brenda said...

"That's How she knows, you love her" cool! And love the 27 dresses boat house. I am jealous and that was only day 1! How'd you do the new posting of photos format? Where's the music to go along?

Amy said... 1 was pretty fun. Photos - I had to make a photo collage in photoshop because I had too many photos to share! And...I was too lazy last night to work on the music. I'll see what I can do.

aunt nancy said...

(I heard music.) I like the format. Looks like a fun, busy vacation. Every thing's so green and pretty, too. Here's another movie reference: the bridge in Central Park looks like where a mugger took Miss Piggy's purse while she was roller blading! I'm still waiting for someone to watch "Enchanted" with me, so I have to go old school.

Jill said...

Someday I'll make it back there... What is Kari doing in NYC? And I also want to know how you got the new fancy photos done. You must be feeling better if you have the energy to stare at a computer long enough to come up with a new photo format!

~Lori said...

Very cool. Haha Nancy- I think you are right about that Miss Piggy scene!
I haven't seen Enchanged yet either.
Are there a lot of fountains in Central Park?

Amy said...

You have to see Enchanted - it's a great movie!! No...there aren't really a lot of fountains in Central Park. I think this is the only one (or one of the only ones).lk