Friday, June 13, 2008

NYC- Day 2

Saturday we were supposed to wake up early and go to the Today show...but when the alarm went off we all decided we were too tired to go, so we went back to sleep for a while. Jacob was bummed he missed it, but he enjoyed the sleep. We went to breakfast at a diner down the street and then walked to Bryant Park and the NY Library. Then we headed to the Yankees store so we could get some new apparel for the big game....a new shirt for me, a new shirt and hat for Chris, and a new shirt and hat for Jacob. Then we walked to Grand Central Station and caught the subway to YANKEE STADIUM! The game was awesome that it gets its on special post. So you'll have to check back for Yankees photos! It was in the mid 90s all day, so after sitting in the hot, hot sun at the game we went back to the hotel to cool off and change. Later we went to dinner at John's Pizzeria on W 44th St. - one of our favorite places to eat in NYC - and then we took the subway to the Empire State Building with hopes of going up. Once we got there we discovered that the wait was 90 minutes (and it was already 8:30pm), so we all voted to skip the Empire State Building and walked back to Times Square. Once we were there, Jenna and I went shopping in Sephora while Chris and Jacob explored Toys R Us a second time, and then we headed to Roxy's Deli for Toffee Heath Bar cheesecake - YUMMY!!!
When we got back to the hotel, I noticed right away that "something" had been nibbling on a candy bar in our "mini bar" basket. We called the front desk and got moved to a different room. Ewwww!!!!! We were a bit freaked out at first, but still managed to sleep soundly in our brand new room.

L to R (top to bottom): NYC street. . . Bryant Park . . . NY Library . . . view of the Chrysler Building (in the hazy morning sky) . . . Grand Central Station. . . sight seeing (and looking UP at all the tall buildings) . . . the Empire State Building . . . ready for their first subway ride from Grand Central to Yankee Stadium. . . in front of the library . . . 5th Avenue . . . too cool . . . the "mini bar" basket in our room - look closely at the candy bar in the front for evidence of our "visitor"

L to R (top to bottom): fountain in Bryant Park (Library in background) . . . cheesecake at Roxy's Deli . . . in front of the library . . . Chris and I in Bryant Park . . . subway . . . Toffee Heath cheesecake at Roxy's - YUMMY!


aunt nancy said...

More fun pix! It all looks great except for that candy bar. Maybe it was a hungry housekeeper??

Jill said...

I keep leaving comments, but then they don't appear. Let's try again. Can't wait to get back to NYC. Maybe Marc and I can go sometime this year for a few days. I can't get your photos to enlarge in the new format so I can't see them too closely!

Jessica said...

ummmm...that cheesecake might motivate me to make my first ever trip to NYC. It definitely won't be to see the Yankees =)

Anonymous said...

Ditto Jill--I tried to enlarge them and in the multi-pix format they won't come up. Enjoying them all though. MOM

aunt nancy said...

I checked back. I have to read everyone's comments. Here's how I got them bigger: right click on pix; click on "view image". Then it says "open with..."; click "OK".Right click on pix again; click on "zoom in" until it's as big as you want. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

still doesn't work for me. When I rt. click there is no "view image" available. Any other ideas? MOM