Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh these are the people in your neighborhood....

Well....they aren't the people in MY neighborhood, but these would be the people in my neighborhood if I lived in Manhattan. That's one of the fun things about never know exactly who or what you will see.

This man was roller blading in Central Park. He had taken the time to set up lots and lots of teeny tiny cones and then was doing fancy footwork on his roller blades in between the cones.

This man was also in Central Park, right by the fountain. He was playing Beatles tunes on his guitar. Really that is not so odd....but if you look closely you will see that he is wearing a cape. Strange!

This man was in front of our hotel as we were leaving to catch a cab to the airport. He was watching the Puerto Rican Day parade. Have you ever seen a cigar that big???

We didn't see the Naked Cowboy, but we did see this lovely lady. She was standing in the middle of Times Square playing her guitar. She was way too old to be dressed this way. The picture doesn't do her justice...she was quite unattractive in person!
Another "performer" in Times Square. He/She was the most frightening imitation of the Statue of Liberty I have ever seen.
I have no idea what this person represents. He was sitting outside the NY Public Library. I didn't stop long enough to read his sign.
I don't have a photo of the person who belongs to this cart. I'm sure she was very stylish though since she apparently shops at H&M.


Anonymous said...

Wow are these ever interesting. Remember the "almost hit and run bicycler" we saw on the bridge in Central Park? The guy in front of the Library with the USPS box could be the "Lake Erie Monster" Marcus is in search of. MOM

Amy said...

That funny little man on the Care Bear bike in Central Park is my all time favorite NYC person. I just wish we would have been fast enough to get his photo!

Brenda said...

i was also gonna remind you of my near death experience on the bridge in central park by the grown man riding the care bear bike...that just made NO sense!