Friday, June 20, 2008

She can read!!

Jenna has been reading like crazy this summer! She reads things everywhere we go -signs, packages in the store, people's t-shirts, bumper stickers, and of course books. She's really sounding much better and slowly moving away from sounding out every single word. I saw her reading in the living room this week and had to sneak a few photos. She was reading "Go Dog, Go" which was one of Jacob's when he was her age!


Brenda said...

we love that book in our house...its definitely a favorite around here!

Anonymous said...

Nothing more important than kids loving to read. And this is one of the great books."Do you like my hat?" MOM

Anonymous said...

Your kids obviously inherited their mother's interest in reading. By the way, did I miss the John Wayne photos? ...Dad

aunt nancy said...

I know I didn't like to read that much when I was little, but I sure enjoy it now. It's great that both your kids are avid readers.

Anonymous said...

Aunt CC says, "Go Jenna, Go"!
Now I can buy even more books for you. Let me know your favorite wish list!!!! Happy Birthday soon!!

Love ya,
Aunt Celesta