Sunday, June 01, 2008

Seven on Sunday

1. Only THREE more days of school...and I couldn't be more ready! Thank goodness the weather hasn't been too hot, so it hasn't been too bad.

2. Even more importantly, only FIVE days until our trip to NYC. We have our plane tickets, Yankees game tickets, and tickets to go see the Statue of Liberty. We're working on our itinerary for the rest of our sightseeing.

3. I made a return trip to the dr. due to fatigue and achy joints/muscles. I had blood work done and it turns out that one of my levels was high, which indicates a strep infection. I haven't had any strep throat symptoms, but the dr. said that the strep infection has settled in my joints. Interesting. I'm not taking an anti-biotic for the infection. He also referred me to a rheumatologist and I have an appointment set up for mid-June to look into some possible causes of the achiness, headaches, and fatigue.

4. On top of all that, Chris passed his sinus infection/cold to me this weekend. I'm ready for it to go away!!! Hopefully it will be gone before we fly on Friday.

5. We are spending LOTS of time on our patio lately. We did a lot of work on it last summer and still have some things to do - re-do the landscaping, finish the roof, and eventually purchase an outdoor firepit. Chris' mom just brought over a fountain that she is no longer using, so we'll be adding that too!

6. Spending lots of time on our patio means lots of grilling. I'm in the process of searching on line for good grilling recipes. If you have any to share, please pass them along!! We love to grill in the summer.

7. Jacob's 11th birthday is on Wednesday. When did he get so old?? We went shopping on Friday to get his gift- an iPod shuffle. He'll be so excited!! I miss buying him toys though!

I sill have more photos to share - Jenna's kindergarten program, Jacob's Living Museum portrayal of John Wayne, and some other random photos. I'll try to get those posted early this week before NYC.


aunt nancy said...

Well, it's ok if you don't post them until after the trip, if it means you're resting to get better. sorry to hear you're illin' again. You don't have mono, do you? I was just talking to Grandma about Jacob turning 11. Doesn't seem possible. I hope you all enjoy the trip, and I'll even hope the Yankees win that 1 game. 4 1/2 for me. Yahoo!

Amy said...

No, I don't have mono. I already checked on that.

Lisa said...

Amy, I tried to email you and the message came back. Can you email me your address? Thank you!