Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What have we been up to??

  • Going to lots of baseball and t-ball games....This week Jenna has 2 games and Jacob has 3.
  • Getting ready for Jenna's birthday tomorrow. She's having some friends over in the afternoon for a party and later having family over for cake and gifts.
  • Helping my friend Cheryl paint her scrapbooking room at her new cute little house!
  • Editting photos from a photo session I had last week (photos will be coming)
  • Having a garage sale and getting rid of some clutter!
  • Tearing out a raised flower bed including removing the railroad ties and 2 tree stumps.....THANKS to our neighbors and Chris' dad for helping! It was quite a project.
  • Shopping for plants to go in the new landscaping
  • Planting all the new plants we bought (photo to come after the mulch is delivered)
  • Spending 8+ hours on Saturday with NO POWER! Luckily the weather was nice. We spent lots of time outside. I also managed to read an entire book and clean my kitchen cabinets.
  • Taking lots of baseball and t-ball photos with my new fancy lens! (photos to come)
  • And still finding time to relax and enjoy summer in between all of the above!


aunt nancy said...

I'm glad to hear everyone's fine and just busy. I was wondering if you were sick since you hadn't updated for a while. Ok, it was only about a week, but that's kind of long for you. Then there's a couple of your cousins, but I won't go into that. Now I can keep checking for the pix. Was the power outage from a storm? We're having intermittent outages today, but that's due to Sudsy putting up new bathroom lights. Happy Birthday to your little fire cracker, and have a fun 4th!!

Jill said...

So Cheryl moved back, or is it a different Cheryl? Glad you've had time to relax! We haven't had much of that with all the house stuff. Want to come down and help us paint and decorate??

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNA! Have fun with your friends and family at your parties:) I hope you and Jacob are both enjoying your ball games. Aunt Barb

Jill said...

I saw the American Girl movie is coming out on Jenna's birthday and wondered if that was her party plans. I know you're taking her to see it sometime, right?? I've heard great things about it and I'm sure she's already bugging you to go. I'm guess that's one that Jacob will opt out of??

cheryl said...

and thank you thank you thank you for the's so awesome to have such a great friend that loves art too. :)
but dude, now i almost feel bad! you are CRAZY busy! i'm tired just reading this. lol!
can't wait for tomorrow! :)