Sunday, January 11, 2009

A few I forgot . . .

A few more photos from our stay at Jill's house. We took a trip to Austin and went shopping at the Arboretum (Sephora!!!) , then ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and later stopped at the outlet mall. It doesn't get much better than Sephora, cheesecake, and outlet shopping!

Someone had put bubbles into the fountain at the Arboretum. The kids thought it was lots of fun to play with, especially Mia. Grandpa was holding on to her while she played in the bubbles.....and then let go. Poor Mia fell face first into the bubbles. He scooped her up before she could get too wet though! Unfortunately, I was too busy freaking out to snap a photo of her fall!

PS Jill ....did you ever hear back from Williams and Sanoma about your bowls?

Exhibit A: Grandpa is not holding on to Mia's shirt any more! Right after I snapped this she fell in!

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aunt nancy said...

Too funny that you got the incriminating evidence against your dad.