Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello Snow Day....Goodbye President's Day . . .

  • We woke up to LOTS of snow and a school closing (day #6 - ugh!), so we got to sleep in!!

  • (Jenna made this snow measuring stick at school. According to her stick we got around 7 inches. The vwindependent says we got 7.8!)

  • Chris tried to go get gas for the snowblower, but since our streets are not at the top of the list of streets to be plowed he had a little bit of trouble. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors (especially since I was still in my pjs!).

  • Jenna's friend Savannah and her brother Tyler came over to play all day while their parents were at work, so we planned an afternoon sledding adventure at the reservoir.

  • We met some friends at the reservoir which meant lots of sleds and lots of kids!

  • We came back to our house for hot chocolate, banana bread that I baked this morning, and more playing. I even squeezed in a little bit of scrapbooking.

  • My whole body hurts! I've been pretty achey this week and the sledding definitely didn't help. I would give anything for a massage or a hot tub right now.

  • Time to go crash with the heating pad, eat supper, and watch American Idol and Lie to Me (anyone else watch that show last week? It's really fascinating!).


Jill said...

well i was at work while you had your snow adventure! love all the red cheeks... and probably some runny noses to go with those cheeks too! i'm sure being in that cold didn't help you feel any better. stay in and get warm.

Anonymous said...

We also had a snow day here. But the snow was up to the snowman's neck (12"+) and we couldn't get out to go anywhere. Glad you had a fun day. MOM

Kristi said...

That looks like such fun! I know enough is enough. Do you think you could ship some of that snow to Georgia. We may get some flurries on Tuesday and we are all praying for the slightest accumulation so we too can have a snow day. By the way, I found your blog by googling Chrismon Ornaments. I think the post was from a couple of years ago. I have enjoyed reading your blog since then. You are a great photographer. My husband is a blogger, but I haven't found my way to create a page yet. He is at

cheryl said...

love the photos...HATE the snow!!
did you learn anything new on lie to me this time? i learned the neck rubbing thing. i'm trying to learn something new each week. i'm serious about this. lol
sorry you are hurting! as soon as i sell my swimspa i'm totally getting a hot tub on the back can come over anytime! ;)

Lisa said...

I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog! Your pictures from Texas were amazing! I don't know how ya do it!

aunt nancy said...

We had Wed. off, too. that's just our 3rd day, so I'll take another next week. I wasn't as adventurous. I got in the car and went to the library and Curves, but they were both closed. Pretty boring. Jessica hung out at Kalahari. It sure was pretty when the sun came out.