Friday, January 16, 2009


taken in my car this morning when I dropped the kids off to play with friends
- of course, that temperature didn't include the windchill
As I type this, it is -27 degrees with the windchill. Brrrrrrr!! We have had school cancelled for the past two days and as of today reached our limit of 5 calamity days. The cancellations mean we have a 5 day weekend, which will give me lots of time to get to all the things I didn't get done over Christmas break. By Monday I hope my house is clean and organized and I've crossed off most of the items on my "to do" list. We've passed some of the time over the past 2 days looking at vacation house rentals at the beach. Too bad we aren't going until the end of July! I'm ready now!! I'm sure I can pass lots of time watching all my DVRd shows that started back up - Gossip Girl, Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol....and the best news....Friday Night Lights starts tonight on NBC. I'm so excited!

Stay warm!!


Brenda said...

Gray's Anatomy is soooo good right controversial!
Enjoy your days off...but not the freezing weather.
where are you going this summer?

Jill said...

Same question here.. where are you headed to this summer?

Amy said...

We are going to Topsail Island (where we went last year). We are going to rent a house with the Chiles'.

aunt nancy said...

They made us go Thur., but of course we were off Fri. Good timing! I just finished reading Jodi Piccoult's Change of Heart, and the story line is quite similar to Gray's. I still think Denny has to go. Keep warm, and not too busy.