Sunday, January 18, 2009

Luke and Mia

Jill asked me to take some photos of Luke and Mia while we were visiting. We decided to wait and take them at the Stockyards. They were both so good! I am just so excited that Luke isn't afraid of my camera any more. In fact, he was actually suggesting photo spots and asking me to take his photo. He has really grown up since the last photos I took of him.

I love Luke's big brown eyes - they even look awesome in black and white photos! When Luke was just a baby, I was taking a photography class and I took some black and white photos of him to submit for my assignment. The instructor commented on his "soulful eyes"....and he still has them.

I love Mia's little hands in this photo - look how cute they are!!

How can you resist those cute little piggy tails and those big blue eyes??

This one is my favorite of the whole bunch. Look at Miss Mia's eyes - they are so sparkly !


aunt nancy said...

Those are really good. Mia has those "devil eyes". She's too cute. I personally think Luke is a closet Tressel fan, since he looks so awesome sporting a sweater vest.

Anonymous said...

all good pics... but the B & W of Mia is adorable! Aunt Barb

Brenda said...

I love the black and white of Mia...that is the money shot!