Sunday, January 11, 2009

Off to Ft Worth . . .

We stayed at Brenda's new house near Ft Worth for the second half of our Texas visit. She had a full house - her own family of 5, the 5 of us, plus Jill, Luke and Mia (13 if you are counting). It was a little chaotic at times, but I loved that all of us were able to stay together and visit. We spent one afternoon browsing the fun shops off the square in Weatherford, where they live and the rest of the time just hanging out and letting the kids play while we visited. I also took family photos for Brenda's family near the square. You'll have to check back in a day or so for those though!

Just hanging out and watching a movie. I loved Brenda and Scott's new was so big and comfy and we could squeeze a lot of people on to it! I think I would have a very hard time getting off the couch if I lived there! (You can also see a little peek of their family room and entry way).

Another photo of Miss Mia in her "cheese" pose for me. I just couldn't resist those little pony tails!!

On New Year's Day, we went to the Stockyards in Ft Worth (except for Marcus and Scott - they stayed home since Marcus had wrestling practice). I had been to the Stockyards once before, when Jacob was 6 weeks old, but we didn't see much, so I was excited to go back! The kids loved it. I think I could spend a whole day there (or maybe even more) just walking around taking photos. I may have to do that the next time I visit. I did manage to take a quite few photos, including pictures of Luke and Mia together for Jill (but you'll have to wait to see those!)

Lunch at Riscky's BBQ - YUMMY


Brenda said...

LOVE that photos of Payton and the MUST send me that copy on my disc! THe girls play with their guns every day.
Did you notice Big Jake's tail is already raised in the Luke photo?

Anonymous said...

Amy, where is the picture of you on Big Jake? I love the picture of Pistol Packin' Payton:) I'm sure the "Annie Oakley/Dale Evans wanna be" part of me would really enjoy a visit to The Stockyards, too. Aunt Barb

Jill said...

someone else pointed out the raised tail in the photo i had of luke! thats funny you noticed it... not sure if it was included in the details, but big jake (not to be confused with cousin jake!) took a much too appropriate poo while luke of all people was on him!

cheryl said...

i'm loving all the photos! mia is PRECIOUS and i love love love j's hair straight like that!
it all looks so fun...:)
p.s. that photo of payton (RIGHT?) is adorable with the gun!)