Saturday, January 03, 2009


After spending a week in Texas and two long days in the car, we are finally home again. We had a great visit with both my sisters and their families. The weather was amazing (no coats, sunshine, and lots of time spent outside!) and we were able to cram a lot of activities into our short visit. I also managed to squeeze in lots of sleeping in and plenty of relaxing, including reading all of book #2 and half of book #3 of the Twilight series. Now I need to decide how to spend my last remaining day of Christmas vacation before heading back to school on Monday.

I will have lots of Texas stories and photos to share (I have four - yes FOUR - memory cards of photos to sort through first. That's what happens when you don't see your family for a whole year!) as soon as I find time to get caught up around here and start looking through my photos. In the meantime, I'm going to relax and look forward to a restful night of sleeping in my very own bed!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to OH! I'll be watching for your stories and pics. Aunt Barb

aunt nancy said...

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. The best we can offer is a snow day. You know I'll be checking for those pix!

Brenda said...

I am praying for a snow day or two for you...but with electricity, of course..can't wait to see all of our photos!

cheryl said...

so glad you had fun! (but pumped to have you home so we can do something together again. :)