Sunday, February 15, 2009

Basketball buffet

Strange title, I know....but every year around this same time I seem to get my fill of basketball. There are times I feel like I am at an all you can watch basketball buffet . . . and I am absolutely stuffed! (Cheryl - I really am working on my writing skills! I'm trying!!) I must admit that I have skipped quite a few away games this year though. My heart just hasn't been into it and I am just as happy sitting home with Jenna and doing our own thing. Jacob goes to every single game as a ball boy, so I don't have to worry about him making me feel guilty for not taking him. Chris has had a great season this year and is currently 15-2. The end is in sight . . . only a few more games to go.

Jacob is also playing basketball again this year. He played in a 5th grade league earilier this winter and started in the Y league right after Christmas. Their team played well, but didn't have a very successful season. They lost their tournament game in overtime yesterday. And now it's on to league #3 of the season for Jacob. He started practicing for the "Hornets" (a 5th grade Van Wert league) a few weeks ago and has his first scrimmage today (which Jenna and I again chose to skip). This team will play in weekend tournaments in March and April . . . so our basketball season will continue for a while.

A few photos of Jacob in action. The grey shirt photos are from the 5th grade league in November and December. The maroon shirt photos are from the Y league.


Jill said...

What were his thoughts in the photo where he has his hands in fists? trying to figure it out. Wish we could go see him play. We are on the home stretch... one more regular season game tuesday then a playoff game some unknown time soon... so that's about it for us. how many more for you?

Anonymous said...

Even though were lucky to be around to see the real thing, we love to see the photos of Jake and Jenna.

Hang in there. you're getting closer to NYC every day.

Love ya.

Dad C

Amy said...

The photo with the fists was him being excited about a call the ref made. It was his "YES" reaction.

aunt nancy said...

Well, now I have to change my comment b/c i was going to say I like his "yes" picture. I figured that was it was, and i still like it. Have a restful weekend.

nancy said...

PS. That didn't make a lot of sense, but I also wanted to say I like the new look.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed seeing the action shots. Good luck in season #3, Jacob! Aunt Barb & Uncle Tom

Michelle said...

I'm impressed with the action shots. I can't seem to master those shots yet. Still working on it... Anyway, I bet you're really proud of him. He seems to love basketball and to be willing to put in the work to do his best.

cheryl said...

lol! love the writing...great job! ;)
we need to make the most of the rest of the season...we still have time for lots more fun stuff...can't wait till tomorrow night. :)
(but i will be glad for your sake when it's all over!)