Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miss Meredith

How could I have forgotten to post photos from my photo session with little Miss Meredith?? Her mom contacted me in December and wanted me to take photos of Meredith. We met at Central (gorgeous setting . . . .but not the easiest place to take photos) and took photos on the big staircase in the lobby. Meredith is absolutely adorable and was talking away to my photography assistant (Jenna)! Her mom came prepared with several changes of clothes and Meredith really did a great job. My favorites were the family photos of Meredith with her parents. It's pretty obvious that she is the love of their life.

Meredith's mommy - I'm sorry I didn't post these earlier. I got caught up in all the pre-Christmas rush and totally forgot. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to take photos for you. It was lots of fun!

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cheryl said...

GORGEOUS photos!! i'm so impressed that they turned out looking so amazing. you are a magician. :) i am WAY too intimidated by the horrible lighting to ever take photos there but you made them look so great.