Thursday, February 26, 2009


  • School was cancelled today....for fog! We started with a 2 hour delay and then moved to a 3 hour delay and then cancelled. This means we now have one day to make up at the end of the year. Yuck!
  • I have no idea what I'm going to do today. I was completely not expecting a day off. The kids were both invited to go play for the day with friends.
  • It's official ...we have all had the flu. Chris made it through his basketball game Monday night and then woke up in the middle of the night sick. Hopefully the germs are gone for a long time now!
  • I was so sick of the germs in our house that I decided to splurge and buy some tulips at WalMart the other day...just to bring a little spring to our house. Of course, when I got to the checkout the woman noticed that I picked the bunch without a price on it....and insisted that tulip bunches were $1.00. I think she was absolutely wrong, but I wasn't going to argue with $1.00 for some springy tulips.

  • Did anyone watch American Idol last night? They were TERRIBLE!! And what on earth is the deal with "Norman Gentle"? How on earth did he get through?
  • Jenna spent a long time making a sign for her bedroom door the other day. I love her 1st grade phonetic spelling.

  • It's official....ONE BASKETBALL GAME left in the season! Chris' JV team is 17-2 right now - they are having a great season!
  • Only 18 days until our NYC trip with the journalism students. I can't wait!
  • Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

You really have to feel for the other good singers that didn't make the top 36 because "Norman" got a spot. He's nuts! There were only 2 that I halfway liked last night - the bright red head and the guy at the end. Last week was definitely better!

Jodi said...

Hey Amy! If you're feeling sick of being in the house there's a camera club meeting tonight!!! :) Ya know I'm gonna keep bugging you until you come. If you're interested the competition tonight (a makeup one, we normally don't have this many in one month) is reflections.

aunt nancy said...

I can see Jenna stretching out thing. Good work! I've got spring fever,too, and was excited to hear the Tribe preseason game on the radio yesterday. You know what the forecast is for next week.

cheryl said...

dude. i love norman. i think he's good television (as if i didn't already tell you that like 10 times today) i hope he wins. lol
i lvoe the tulips. they make me want to go buy some. i need some cheer-me-up flowers.
thanks again for today. i'm so very very glad you came. you are the best!!!
x's and o's

Anonymous said...

Sorry Cheryl but "Norman" is a joke and he admits it. I have been disappointed both weeks so far. What are they thinking when they pick their songs? Sorry about the fog day-dad just saw it on the VW school news on line. But enjoy the tulips and think NYC. MOM

Brenda said...

I can't believe you are going to NYC...I saw a deal on Yahoo that I can fly there for spring break round trip for only $130.
Marcus made a sign for his door like that once and I I am not going in!
And finally...I think Jodi is right...join the camera club!
Oh and also....Idol was bad...I like the guy whose wife died...he's really good. Loved the bright red head.