Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Caden

Last week I had photo sessions two days in a row! The first was 5 week old Caden. His dad contacted me about taking photos and I couldn't wait to take newborn photos again. Caden is the sweetest little baby and was just perfect during the photos - and wide awake. I just couldn't get over how alert and content he was. We started out with some photos of Caden with dad and mom, and then moved up to his nursery to take some of just Caden. I'm pretty sure I could have just stayed and taken photos of him all day - he was just so perfect!

THANKS again for asking me to take Caden's photos! I hope he is feeling better real soon.


Jill said...

love the one where he's little in the crib... notice it says "miracle" on wall and shirt... is there a story for that or it is just that every baby is a little miracle?

Deb said...

Love, love, love newborn pictures!!

aunt nancy said...

Ahhhhhh! Too sweet. I had to look to see if he had on bracelets in the last photo. Nope, just some cute baby fat.

Brenda said...

Aw..the black and white with the Iam a miracle shirt is sooooo cool! I was wondering the same thing as Jill about the miracle theme.

cheryl said...

so so cute! i love the one of him in his crib where you can see what the wall says too.
you are awesome!
thanks again for coming over tonight! i needed my dramafree friend. ;D