Sunday, March 15, 2009

Influenza is a bad word!

  • What a long week! It is amazing to me that I felt fine last Monday and then got hit out of the blue the flu. Not fun at all!
  • I ended up missing the rest of the week of school. When the dr told me he didn't want me to return to school until Monday, I have to say I doubted him. Obviously, he knows what he's talking about! Today is the first day I felt like maybe I could handle going back.
  • I am sick of watching TV. I officially watched almost everything I had saved on DVR and lots and lots of other mindless TV over the past week.
  • Slowly the symptoms started going away over the past few days. First my fever, then the chills, then the achiness. Unfortunately the fatique and the upper respiratory part - including a wonderful, hacky cough and the wheezing - have decided to hang on for a little while longer.
  • My doctor is officially the best doctor ever. He called me at home Thursday night just to check on me and update me on some test results.
  • My wonderful doctor returned my call right away yesterday and called in yet another prescription to help me get rid of this cough/wheezing.
  • Somehow, my influenza tests both came back negative. So either I didn't respond to the "rapid test" or I had some other rare sickness. The dr still thinks it was the flu.
  • Thank goodness the rheumatologist decided I didn't need any additional tests right now. I don't know if I could have dragged myself off the couch to go back to the lab. Once was enough.
  • Sierra mist and red slushes from DQ have been my nutrition for most of the week.
  • Chris is a saint! He not only played mom and did all my mom duties, but he also ran errands like picking things up at school and getting my medicine, did lots around the house, ran to DQ for me, put up with my coughing fits every night, insisted that I rest, and listened to me whine about not feeling good. What can I say? He's a good guy.
  • I am officially using three different medications PLUS motrin to try and kick this. Slowly it is working.
  • My doctor gave me the OK to still go on the NYC long as I promise to try and rest (in the city that never sleeps? Is that possible?), drink lots of liquids, and take vitamin C.
  • Today is the first day I left the house, other than going to my doctor's appointment.....and I went to school. Exciting stuff...but I had to get caught up from last week...and ready to leave my classroom again.
  • That's right...I'm leaving my classroom again. I feel like the worst teacher ever. Tomorrow I have a training all day - but I'm choosing to only go to the morning part and then I'm going to actually go to my classroom and teach for half a day! Tuesday morning we leave for NYC. I feel incredibly guilty for only teaching 1 total day out of 10....but not guilty enough to skip NYC!
  • Cross your fingers and say a prayer that this week is a healthier week than last week!


Brenda said...

Did you get the flu shot this year? That is a miserable week for you...worse than my week-before! Hope you are feeling better asap!

Amy said...

Nope...I've never gotten a flu shot. You know how I love shots. BUT, the dr. strongly suggested I get one next year. :)

Michelle said...

I didn't know you were STILL sick. I hope you get it all out of your system so that you can at least enjoy your trip to NYC! Don't go too heavy on the are a great teacher and you go above and beyond so many times that you deserve to take time to feel completely better before jumping back into work. If you didn't take time to heal completely, you would probably have been out again in the very near future. Hope you are on the road to recovery!!

aunt nancy said...

Yikes! I hope you're feeling better and can enjoy NYC. I agree with Michelle's comment. We've always thought that Chris was a good guy. Now, everyone who reads this and has that awful hacking cough, take my advice. Do the Vicks on the feet covered with sox at night. I swear it helps, although I still don't know why, and your feet get smoother, too. I'll be waiting for your NYC pix.

cheryl said...

you DO have a great doctor!! and i'm sorry you've been fun!
it seems like we have been sick for years! dang it...i want our summer back!