Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday....

1. I am sick AGAIN. Actually, there are times that it seems like I've been sick for the past year non-stop. I know I'm being a tad bit dramatic, but it gets a little old at times. This one hit out of the blue. I started feeling yucky last evening and by 8:00 felt just plain awful. I went to bed at 8:30 absolutely shivering with my flannel sheets and 5 other blankets on me...and I was still cold. Every inch of my body was achey. Luckily no upset stomach this time. I've had a wheezy cough the last few days and a sore throat, so maybe that was it?

2. I missed school today because I felt terrible. I hate that I have missed so much school in the past year. I used to consider myself pretty healthy, but lately that's not the case. It seems like when I get sick I get hit extra hard and it takes me longer to feel better.

3. I had an appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday. Things are better, but one of my blood rates is still higher than she'd like. A year ago it was in the mid 50s, now it's 28...but it should be zero. The elevated rate indicates inflammation and it bothers her that she can't find the source (me too!). She also point blank told me to lose weight. It's hard to hear someone tell you that, even when you know you have to do it.

4. Jenna and I spent Sunday afternoon at Cheryl's where we completed a couch makeover (click her name to see photos). It's amazing what you can do with lots of imagination, safety pins, a staple gun, and some fabric. She is now the second person I know who has a bird couch. :)

5. Our creativity was interrupted by a tornado warning! The sirens started going off and in true Amy fashion, I started to panic a little - especially since Cheryl does not have a basement. Jenna was panicking much more than me, though. We grabbed London and our just delivered pizza and headed to her friend Holly's house to wait out the warning in her basement.

6. One week from today we will be arriving in NYC! I hope I am healthy by then....and stay healthy!

7. After yet another power outage this past weekend, we finally broke down and bought a generator. Running extension cords across the lawn to our neighbor's generator was getting a little old.

8. Tomorrow this little girl turns TWO! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with her this past weekend. Miss Mia, your present is soon as I get to the post office!

9. Jacob's basketball team won all 5 games of their tournament on Saturday and were tournament champs! Believe it or not, I did not take my camera with me and don't have one single picture. What was I thinking?

10. It's time for me to go take more motrin, move back to the couch, and see what else I can find to watch from our list of DVR'd shows.


Michelle said...

Sorry you aren't feeling's a bummer to be sick! I hope you feel better soon for your NYC trip!!

cheryl said...

thank goodness for dvr, right? except today i get all dizzy watching tv. bleh.
i hate that you haven't been feeling so good this year...i'll definately be thinking of you and praying that you will feel better.
and thanks again for the help with my living room. you are definately ;)
LOVE the photo of mia. love. what a doll. she reminds me a little of malia. :)
thinking of you and sending virtual hugs!

Deb said...

Sure wish there was something I could do! Sorry you aren't feeling well again. Chris said you were all worried about NYC...just worry about getting better. If you are feeling up to it, you certainly deserve a fun time in New York!

aunt nancy said...

I hope you're feeling better, and feel great for your NYC trip. Bring your creativity and help me make a new headboard instead of the faux brass one in Kyle's room. I either want to use bead board or upholster one. That picture of Mia is too cute! I'm anxiously waiting for Jill's b'day pix. By the way, check Lisa's blog if you haven't.