Monday, March 23, 2009

Where do I start?

I uploaded my photos yesterday and then sorted through, picking out my favorites. Somehow I was able to narrow it down to only 50-60 favorites. So, guess what I'll be posting this week? Lots and lots of NYC photo goodies. I'm just not sure where to start!! I suppose I should just start from the beginning.

We left last Tuesday morning -bright and early - and headed to the Detroit airport. The entire trip went so smoothly, until we tried to get from LaGuardia to our hotel on 6th Avenue. The St. Patrick's Day parade (which is a huge event) was taking place on 5th Avenue, so the cab drivers had a tricky time getting to our hotel. The had to go in a round about way to finally reach our destination, which ended up costing us an extra $10-15. Chris and the people in his cab finally got fed up and just got out where they were and walked to the hotel. We checked in and then headed to Times Square and Hard Rock Cafe for early dinner. Later we did more sightseeing around Times Square and Rockefeller Center and then got cheesecake from Roxy's Deli. The highlight of my night was discovering that Magnolia Bakery was right down the street from our hotel. I splurged on my first Magnolia cupcake and saved it for breakfast!

My view from the plane window. It was a perfect day to fly!

A glimpse of NYC...if you look closely you can see the Statue of Libery under the wing of the plane.

Another view of Manhattan from the plane. I love how this turned out!!Skaters at Rockefeller Center

Times Square Self portrait in Times Square. . . we look pretty ridiculous!
I think I've eaten here the last 4 times I've been to NYC. I highly recommend the toffee crunch cheesecake!

On day two, the kids all headed to Columbia University with Chris for their journalism classess. After breakfast at Starbucks, the female chaperones and I headed to 14th St. to the Chelsea Market. The building was awesome, and we spent the morning browsing all the different food stores and bakeries. We still had time to waste before heading back to meet the kids and Chris, so we wandered around Greenwich Village. Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon the original Magnolia Bakery. Of course we had to go inside and get a treat! We met up with the kids and Chris and then spent the afternoon exploring 5th Avenue and Central Park. Later we headed back to the hotel and then went to dinner at John's Pizzeria - one of my very favorite places to eat in NYC. The pizza is amazing! After pizza we went back to Rocekfeller Center and went to the Top of the Rock. The view was absolutely amazing - so much better than the Empire State Building. We lucked out and had a really clear night and were able to see quite a bit. Chris wasn't a fan of the open air observation decks, but I finally got him to at least briefly step onto the top deck!

Central Park

I love all the people in Central Park - especially all the musicians! Someday I am going to take the good part of a day and just wander around the park people watching and taking photos. This time we saw the most unusual park performance I have ever seen. . . but it deserves a post all its own!

Getting ready to enter and go to the Top of the Rock . . .
View from the Top of the Rock . . .

TERRIBLE photo. . .but it's my proof that Chris actually made it to the top.

Check back for LOTS more NYC photo shares!!!


Michelle said...

Loved all of your pictures and looking forward to seeing more. You know, there really aren't too many placed that I have ever wanted to go, but New York is one of them. I hope I get to go someday! With all of your posts and pics, I will know all of the best places to go. I'll be tuning in for more...see you tomorrow for walking!

Amy said...

I'll take you Michelle! We can do a girl's trip to NYC!!!

cheryl said...

ok, now i really REALLY want to go to NYC!!! i just like drank up every single one of these photos.
love love love it!
now i'm going to text you. :)

Anonymous said...

So cool!

Makes me wish we were planning a trip back there soon. I also love NYC!

Keep the photos coming!

Dad C

aunt nancy said...

I knew it would be worth the wait. Maybe it was the sun, but I esp. like the Central Park pix.