Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Birthday Bash part 2

Just a few more fun photos from Sunday's big birthday bash!

1. The Birthday Girls - Grandma, Kara, and Payton (in the photo) all share the same birthday!
2. Cousins - My dad's cousin's and their spouses: Dave & Delores and Lynn & Paul who travelled from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to be there
3. Grandkids-in-law...Chris and Ryan (Kara's husband) (the only 2 husbands that could make it) - we realized that they had escaped ALL the photo hoopla, so we decided they needed their own photo. Notice how they both have the same expression on their face??
4. Kyle (my cousin) and Jacob - 2 bored "kids" at the restaurant who headed to the bar to watch football
5. Bearhug - Kyle and Jenna
6. Rylee (my cousin Kara's daughter)....sneaking frosting when she thought no one was looking


Brenda said...

Sick day for me today...carsyn woke up with a 104 degree temperature. She has strep. He gave her the shot...she's really mad and has been crying ever since. She just keeps telling me "mommy, I don't like shots!"
Love the photos...thanks for sharing! They asked for my photographer's copyright release today at Walgreens when I printed some more photos off. Hurray for you! Off to scrap now...gotta do something on a rainy afternoon with no work to do!

Jill said...

Jealous of your day home Brenda, even if it means Carysn is sick! Hope Luke doesn't end up with it! Those photos are cute. That photo of Rylee is too cute... that looks like something I still would do!

Amy said...

You mean they asked for a copyright release for some of my photos??? Which ones?? That makes my day. :)

Nancy said...

As they usd to say at Kyle's baseball games, "Good eye, good eye!" They're all great, but how cute is the one of our 2 "babies"?